31 Dec 2016

Print and Cut New Year Party Printables

Hello,  I have a new post over on the Silhouette UK Blog today. It features some ready to print New Year's Printable files. By simply using the Silhouette software's ability to Print and Cut I've created  items to make the party table and guests look super festive!

I used these files from the Silhouette Design Store:

New Year Bottle Kit by Amy Robison (#53314)
New Year Party Kit by Amy Robison (#53315)

My tutorial additionally shows how to update the year so that this file can be used year after year.

With a laser printer you could have all these items glowing with gold foil too!

My favourite item is the mini envelope, cut from vellum, and filled with gold circle confetti.

May you have a HAPPY HOGMANAY and a very, VERY,  HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Here's hoping 2017 will be your best crafting year yet!

1 Dec 2016

Applying Heat Transfer Vinyl to Hessian

HTV Santa Sack on Hessian by Janet Packer for Silhouette Uk Blog

Hello,  Over on the Silhouette UK Blog we are celebrating Christmas with 12 days of fabulous Christmas makes. My post is the 1st Day of Christmas and shows how to decorate a hessian Santa sack. The sacks I decorated don't have a drawstring, so need a band closure and a decorative bow.

Santa Sack by Janet Packer - Flocked Heat Transfer Vinyl on Hessian sack

I used matt white flock heat transfer material on hessian with just a few silver stars to highlight the design. In the post I take you through how to decorate a Santa sack with designs and fonts from the Silhouette Design Store.

The post contains a number of tricks and tips including how to make the vinyl stick to hessian (which can be a little tricky).

Santa Sack by Janet Packer - Flocked Heat Transfer Vinyl on Hessian sack

Santa Sack by Janet Packer - Flocked Heat Transfer Vinyl on Hessian sack

I hope you'll try using HTV on Hessian, Jute, Burlap or cotton canvas and pop over to the Silhouette UK Blog for instructions and hints on using these trickier materials.

Look out for the second day of Christmas on Friday - Nadine has a special treat for you!


29 Nov 2016

How to Add a Hanging Loop on Silhouette UK Blog by Janet Packer . Snowflakes by Lori Whitlock.

Today I have a simple but useful post on the Silhouette UK Blog about adding a hanging loop to your own designs or those bought in the Store to make gift tags, present decorations, tree ornaments and banner elements.

To demonstrate how easy hanging loops are to design I included a step-by-step tutorial using snowflake files from the Store designed by Lori Whitlock. Just pop over to Silhouette UK Blog for the instructions.

KEY FOBS: Snowflake decorations cut from faux leather to be used on a festive key chain, or as an embellishment on a handbag or a zipped bag. These are double-layered snowflakes with the silver vinyl trapped between and all stuck with Beacon Fabri-tac (great for sticking faux leather).

Add hanging loops to Lori Whitlock snowflake files by Janet Packer on the Silhouette UK Blog

GIFT TAGS: Weld a hanging loop to the background of this snowflake design to make pretty gift tags.

SLIDERS: Add elonganted loops to make sliders to decorate a parcel or a card. 

LETTER TAGS: Add loops to letters using Lori Whitlock's Splendid font to make decorative letters to enhance your parcels using glitter heat transfer vinyl and faux leather paper. These were cut from faux leather and layered 3 or 4 thick with Beacon Fabri-tac. The glittery layer is Glitter HTV from this fantastic supplier.

I'm sure you'll find lots more uses for your new hanging loops.

21 Nov 2016

Painting Uglazed Ceramics

Cut stencils for decorating ceramic blanks with Silhouette Cameo by Janet Packer for Silhouette UK

Hello, I have a tutorial on the Silhouette UK blog today on how to decorate unglazed ceramic items (available in UK craft shops at the moment). I bought a few different blanks including the tea-light set I decorated for today's post.

In the post I show how to use your Silhouette to make a set of stencils to sponge metallic acrylic paints onto the blank tea-light holder set using two Silhouette Design Store files by Nic Squirrell.

I used a repositionable matte vinyl to make my stencil, having found that using a too sticky stencil material removed some of the painted (slip) surface.

What material do you prefer to use for your stencils?

12 Nov 2016

Polar Bear Gift Boxes

I made another project using the darling Christmas Polar Bear SVG from Sanqunetti Designs. These boxes each house a Christmas tree bauble.

The basic box comes from the Silhouette Design Store (#20744), and is designed by Lori Whitlock for a cupcake. I made the design a little taller to acommodate bow and decorations that are on top of the ornaments.

The box sides are decorated with panels embossed with an embossing folder that came free with a magazine. Highlights and names are in antique gold paper.  Love this little guy's lob-sided grin!

Entered into the Daring Card Makers - Step Away From the Cards (Gift Bag or Box) Challenge

10 Nov 2016

Cardmaking Basics - Shaker Cards

I can't count the number of shaker cards I've made - it must run to hundreds! I think they look great, it's fun to set the shaker elements into motion and some made a lovely noise too!   I've been sharing a heap of  tips for making shaker cards recently on the Silhouette UK Blog in a two-parter. This is just part of a series of posts on cardmaking basics over on the blog.

The first post deals with the 'ingredients' and looks at alternative ways of constructing shaker cards. The second includes detailed step-by-step tutorials on constructing the two cards seen in these pictures. Do pop over and have a read whether you are an experienced 'shaker-maker' or if you've yet to try one out.  The principles can be applied to almost any design and occasion.

Plain or Pattered Paper
Smooth Cardstock (decorative top layer)
Heavyweight Cardstock (for layers)
Acetate Sheet or Clear Packaging
Seed Beads or other shaker elements
5" x 5" Heavyweight Cardbase (300gsm plus)
Extra Strong Double-Sided Adhesive Tape
Liquid Card Adhesive
Silhouette Cameo, Portrait or Curio
Digital files - I used the Baby Postage Stamp files by Tanya Batrak  (#156139#156133#156136)

Part 1 - Construction and Ingredients

Part 2 - Step-by-step tutorials

I hope you have much fun making them as I do!

4 Nov 2016

Polar Bear Shaker Card

The new SVG release from Sanqunetti Design this week is this adorable Christmas Polar Bear file.

I made this cute fella into an arched shaker card and so far without a sentiment.  I might 'retro-fit' a personalised sentiment later; adding it in white vinyl onto the acetate window will be an easy adaption.

The entire card is made from paper and card with the exception of the facial features, which are cut from black vinyl.  Not forgetting the sequins of course - three types of regular sequins (opaque white, white pearl and iridescent) and two of snowflake confetti (opaque white and iridescent)!

The shaker frame is a 'built up' style made from 5 card layers, one acetate and one using a product new to me, the Stix2 Sparkly Adhesive Acetate Sheet. This latter item I applied to smooth white card prior to cutting on my Silhouette, cutting one frame and also the fur parts of the hat.  The decorative papers used are from Lawn Fawn 6" x 6" pads (Perfectly Plaid Christmas and Snow Days (retired)). The card base and frames are cut from 300gsm cardstock from my local paper mill (Papeterie) - these shakers cards need a really stable firm card base!

Shame this is retired - it is great for quick backgrounds!

Wondering what a Built Up style of shaker card is?  Well it is my own terminology, but I have a full explanation in my post on the Silhouette UK Blog.

The file is available from Sanqunetti Design store and from Etsy.

I think I might make more cards and card items with this fella. What do you think, gift tags? wobble cards? hanging tree decorations? What would you make with him?

I have entered this card in the Delicious Doodles November 2016 Non-Traditional Christmas Challenge.

2 Nov 2016

FREE Design of the Week - Autumn Leaf Cushion


My apologies! Despite setting myself the challenge of making something with each of the FREE Designs of the Week from the Silhouette Design Store I failed my own challenge! What can I say, I've been busy with lovely things (like my daughter's wonderful wedding), but have also been procrastinating a little too!

Anyway, this week's FREE file is a Geometric Autumn Leaf which I've turned into a new cushion for my sofa.

What You'll Need:
Plain Black Cotton Cushion Cover (Clever Baggers)
Copper Pearl Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl (MDP)
Teflon Sheet
Iron or Heat Press

  • The only change made to the design was to remove the cutout from the leaf's stem.  I released the design's compound path, deleting the stem cutout and then re-making the compound path.
  • The design was then cut from vinyl placed shiny side onto the mat.  There was no need to mirror this design as it was symmetrical and contained no text.
  • The cut settings I used on my Silhouette Cameo One were Blade 3, Speed 5, Pressure 8. 
  • I haven't used this type of HTV before but it cut and weeded beautifully. 
  • I pressed the blank cushion first to move any moisture from the fabric. 
  • The decal was pressed using an iron (I love that MDP include instructions for iron as well as heat press) with my Teflon sheet between the decal and the iron. 
  • Just a few seconds pressing down hard and the design was stuck.
  • I peeled off the backing sheet and gave the design a final press through the Teflon sheet.
  • Job done!

The Geometric Autumn Leaf design is available free in the Silhouette Design store for one week from 1st November 2016.

If you haven't yet used heat transfer vinyl why not try this out as your first project?

I'm really enjoying the lovely creative makes coming through my Instagram feed just now. Why not follow along?

15 Oct 2016

Make Custom Shaped Cards


I have new cardmaking tutorial over on the Silhouette UK Blog this weekend. I provide step-by-step instructions on how to make a custom shaped card.

The basis of the card shape is an existing design from which I make an offset piece to mount the design on, and a left-folding card base.

For this I used the Happy Fish design by Jennifer Wambach, but this technique can be used to make cards of almost any shape.

Do pop over and find how to it - I've used this technique for many, many cards, some of which are shown below.

1 Oct 2016


 Hello, I have a new post over on the Silhouette UK Blog today. This is about how to open SVGs on in the Silhouette Studio software, but only in the Designer Edition and above.

In the post I used a free SVG file that I downloaded from Open Clip Art called Aegishjalmur Retraced. 

I show how to download it, and how to work out how it will cut. In the file there are two versions, one made up of lines, and one welded together.

One of the versions could easily be changed, and to that I added some wording.

From this new file I made a vinyl decal in gold vinyl which I added to acrylic coasters purchased from Acrylic Craft


If you download SVG files from the Internet you will generally find that they don't have cut lines selected. Simply turn them on by selecting Cut in the Cut Window.

22 Sep 2016

Make Light Up Cards

Light Up Christmas Cards by Janet Packer on the Silhouette UK Blog using LED Stickers and copper tape circuits.

Today I have a very special post over on the Silhouette UK Blog with a fun idea to make greeting cards extra special by adding interactive lighting!

These cards contain a battery which powers a super slimline, teeny, tiny light bulb that lights up when a certain part of the card is pressed; fun to make and great fun to receive!

The reindeer card is relatively straight forward, but being an easel card, the snowflake card is a little more complex so I have included detailed instructions over on the Silhouette UK Blog for you.

To make these you'll need the Chibi Lights LED Stickers Kit. This includes batteries, copper tape, slimline sticker bulbs, instructions and project ideas.

I also used these files from the Silhouette Design Store:

:: Reindeer Card ::
Reindeer Holiday Rectangle file download by Loni Harris (#51516)
Chapstick Box Snowflake file (for the snowflake & button only) (#70564)

:: Snowflake Card ::
A2 Snowflake Easel file download by Lori Whitlock (#66545)
Chapstick Box Snowflake (for the small snowflakes only) (#70564)
Arrows file (for the arrows) (#45683)
Valentine Set file (for the word 'Love') (#54154)

There must be hundreds of card designs in the Silhouette store and elsewhere that you could add these lights to. I challenge you to try it!

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19 Sep 2016

Novelty Pillow cases

Just wanted to tell you that I have a tutorial and fun gift idea over on the Silhouette UK Blog today.

In the post I'll explain how to combine designs, types of vinyl and how to create a space around the words so that the vinyl media don't overlap. This method keeps the design as flat as possible making the finished item look more professional and ensuring the pillow cases are more comfortable in use as well. The same offset technique can be used with regular vinyl and even for paper-crafting.

I used the following files from the Silhouette Design Store.
Quote file downloads by Sophie Gallo (#140987#140989)
Starburst file downloads by Lisa Norris (#68600#68596)

... and also
and a Pair of Egyptian cotton pillow cases
Black Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl
Gold Metallic HTV
Silver Metallic HTV.

My post includes a few tips which I've picked up doing this and similar projects with HTV.

The pillows turned out beautifully and they feel great too!

Novelty Pillow Cases by Janet Packer craftingquine.blogspot.co.uk @CraftingQuine #vinyl #HTV #flock vinyl #metallic vinyl #tutorial