18 Jan 2014

CHA Makes - Anaheim 2014

What a great start to the New Year! 

For the first time ever I've had some of my crafty makes on show at a Trade Exhibition; the CHA 2014 Conference & Trade Show from January 10 – 14, 2014 in Anaheim, California. They were on display on the Beacon Adhesives booth by the UK distributors Creative Products Distribution. Yay!

Just 2 items were displayed: the telephone featured in my designer paper post and on my blog header and a hot air balloon made entirely from fabric, string and a LOT of Siffen Stuff.

hot air balloon
Fabric Hot Air Balloon
I'll share in a later post  how to prepare and cut cotton fabric to use on your digital cutting machine to make this and other intricate fabric cuts without the need of an iron-on stabilizer.

cardstock telephone
Card Telephone

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