21 Aug 2019

Dog Paw Photo Box

This week I've used the Paw Box from Simply Crafty SVGs to make a fun dog paw photo memento box. I just made a photo montage of doggie pics and adhered them behind the decorative top layer. I used the Silhouette's Print & Cut to make a single paw-shaped piece, but individual photos would look just as good.

Materials Used:
Cream and Green Medium weight Textured Cardstock
Printable Photo Paper
Beacon 3-in-1 Adhesive
Beige Chalk Ink
Ink Jet Printer
Silhouette Cameo

Files Used:
Simply Crafty SVGs Paw Box


1. Drag each photo in turn into the holes in a copy of the decorative paw layer.

2. Click on each picture in turn and fine tune its scale and position using the advanced fill tools.

3. Ungroup the entire piece and move the decorative piece away. Add an offset to the group of  pictures, ensuring the size of the new offset piece is smaller than the decorative piece. Release the compound path and remove that extra hole in the centre.
4. Now add the Print and Cut marks, duplicating the entire new piece and placing them within the cut line.

5. Use the colour picker to select a colour from the background of one of the photos and fill the space around the photos. This will disguise any errors in cutting.

6. Print out the sheet of photos, and then mount them on a cutting mat and allow the Silhouette to cut them out.

7. These cut perfectly, and fitted neatly behind the windows in the decorative paw piece.

8. Once the box is made up, it is a simple job at adhere this piece to the box lid. There is a video showing how to make up the box on the shop page for this file.

9. Now just place your gift or treats inside the box.

10. What a fun gift for a dog or its owner!

Just clicking on the photo will take you directly to the page in the Simply Crafty SVGs online store.

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Simply Crafty SVG Files:
Paw Box