5 Aug 2015

Docrafts Decoupage - First Steps

I was lucky to receive some samples from Docrafts to blog about recently; a case of right time, right place. However, I was expecting some ready-made toppers, but turns out my mystery envelope contained a generous selection of decoupage kits. I have NEVER done decoupage before, so was slightly intimidated.

Well, I'm no expert at decoupage, but I'm better at Internet searching, so off I went to find some instructions. I discovered some great resources at Docrafts.Com. This video in particular had lots of useful tips on how to use them. Regretfully, I'd attempted to put one of the foiled decoupage toppers together PRIOR to watching the video, and quickly realised the error of my ways once I'd watched it.

I thought it might be useful if I shared some of things I wouldn't do next time.
  • Use really thick dimensional pads (my finished topper was WAY too dimensional)!
  • Use quick grab pads (mine were cheapie ones from The Works and their use resulted in removing a portion of the foiling!).
  • Add dimension to ALL the layers (it was VERY thick).
  • Feel duty-bound to use ALL the layers.
Quick grab dimensional pads resulted in spoiling some of the foiling
 What I WOULD do, is:

  • Add shape to the decoupage pieces (I used a round-ended moulding tool).
  • Remove the paper nibs (I used really sharp scissors).
  • Keep my adhesive to the centre of the pieces (I had covered the entire piece).

Anyway, here is the completed card. I used my electronic die cutting machine to make the aperture in the embossed card. I didn't turn out too bad after all!

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