2 Nov 2016

FREE Design of the Week - Autumn Leaf Cushion


My apologies! Despite setting myself the challenge of making something with each of the FREE Designs of the Week from the Silhouette Design Store I failed my own challenge! What can I say, I've been busy with lovely things (like my daughter's wonderful wedding), but have also been procrastinating a little too!

Anyway, this week's FREE file is a Geometric Autumn Leaf which I've turned into a new cushion for my sofa.

What You'll Need:
Plain Black Cotton Cushion Cover (Clever Baggers)
Copper Pearl Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl (MDP)
Teflon Sheet
Iron or Heat Press

  • The only change made to the design was to remove the cutout from the leaf's stem.  I released the design's compound path, deleting the stem cutout and then re-making the compound path.
  • The design was then cut from vinyl placed shiny side onto the mat.  There was no need to mirror this design as it was symmetrical and contained no text.
  • The cut settings I used on my Silhouette Cameo One were Blade 3, Speed 5, Pressure 8. 
  • I haven't used this type of HTV before but it cut and weeded beautifully. 
  • I pressed the blank cushion first to move any moisture from the fabric. 
  • The decal was pressed using an iron (I love that MDP include instructions for iron as well as heat press) with my Teflon sheet between the decal and the iron. 
  • Just a few seconds pressing down hard and the design was stuck.
  • I peeled off the backing sheet and gave the design a final press through the Teflon sheet.
  • Job done!

The Geometric Autumn Leaf design is available free in the Silhouette Design store for one week from 1st November 2016.

If you haven't yet used heat transfer vinyl why not try this out as your first project?

I'm really enjoying the lovely creative makes coming through my Instagram feed just now. Why not follow along?


  1. Lovely project Janet. I'm nutty about geometric patterns so will definitely download this one.

  2. I'm the same Nadine - LOVE geometrics!

  3. Hi Janet this is a wonderful project the leaf is gorgeous. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  4. A super make Janet but I am partial to metallics and leaves! Hope you're enjoying the wedding planning. Shabneez xxx


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