29 Nov 2016

How to Add a Hanging Loop on Silhouette UK Blog by Janet Packer . Snowflakes by Lori Whitlock.

Today I have a simple but useful post on the Silhouette UK Blog about adding a hanging loop to your own designs or those bought in the Store to make gift tags, present decorations, tree ornaments and banner elements.

To demonstrate how easy hanging loops are to design I included a step-by-step tutorial using snowflake files from the Store designed by Lori Whitlock. Just pop over to Silhouette UK Blog for the instructions.

KEY FOBS: Snowflake decorations cut from faux leather to be used on a festive key chain, or as an embellishment on a handbag or a zipped bag. These are double-layered snowflakes with the silver vinyl trapped between and all stuck with Beacon Fabri-tac (great for sticking faux leather).

Add hanging loops to Lori Whitlock snowflake files by Janet Packer on the Silhouette UK Blog

GIFT TAGS: Weld a hanging loop to the background of this snowflake design to make pretty gift tags.

SLIDERS: Add elonganted loops to make sliders to decorate a parcel or a card. 

LETTER TAGS: Add loops to letters using Lori Whitlock's Splendid font to make decorative letters to enhance your parcels using glitter heat transfer vinyl and faux leather paper. These were cut from faux leather and layered 3 or 4 thick with Beacon Fabri-tac. The glittery layer is Glitter HTV from this fantastic supplier.

I'm sure you'll find lots more uses for your new hanging loops.


  1. A really useful post Janet. I have a different brand of cutting machine but will give your ideas a go. Thank you for sharing. Shabneez xxx

  2. You're welcome Shabneez - mustn't forget that other machines ARE available!

  3. These are fabulous. What a great idea to add the loops, makes tags nice and easy!

    1. Thanks Kathy - easy is often best ta this time of year!

  4. Hi Janet this a brilliant idea and so versatile. Take care. Hugs Jackie

    1. I'm glad you like the idea Jackie, thanks for taking the time to read an comment. X


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