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My name is Janet Packer. I'm a passionate crafter who loves to share my crafting experiences and learn from others. I started creating as a child when an imaginative relative gave me a huge tin of fabulous Caren D'Ache watercolour pencils - best gift EVER! Owning a Silhouette Cameo has kick-started my creativity and I'm happy to write about the things I make and how I go about making them. Occasionally I'll have a freebie to share with you, but I'll mostly be posting tips, tricks and links to make your own creation process easier. I love trying out new things and combining products and techniques to come up with unique and exciting items - you can image what my house looks like!

What is a Quine?
Its a Doric (Scots) word for girl. I was first addressed as Quine when we moved up to Scotland more than 20 years ago. It might not be quite such an accurate description as it once was, but I like it!

I have an enormous amount of fun designing and making paper and fabric crafts for myself, my family and friends. Sometimes I'm asked to make things for companies and I often made things with products which I have received from the retail or distributor for free. However, I don't include things in my blog that I don't like and that I wouldn't recommend to others.

Often my designs are originals, but I sometimes trawl the Internet and adapt and refine ideas that I find. I endeavour to credit and link to such sources and would appreciate if you would do the same. 

Please do not use my photos without permission (OK to pin on Pinterest) and do not use any of my files for commercial purposes. 

Always feel free to add suggestions or refinements by comment, or contact me directly if you wish.

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  1. Janet congratulations on winning the Christmas Frames set (digital images) from MHK Designs!!! You commented on my blog, Crafter's Castle, during MHK Designs new release hop and you were chosen as one of the winners. If you didn't know this already and haven't already contacted MHK Designs, just visit their blog at http://mhkdesignsbymynn.blogspot.com/2017/08/august-new-release-winners.html Thank you so much for visiting my blog and I'm so glad you are a winner :) Hugs...Janie


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