1 May 2017

Shaker Maze Card

I recently made a birthday card for a friend who is an a-MAZE-ing baker, and today I've shared it over on the Silhouette UK Blog. Its one of my favourite shaker cards, this time with a maze incorporated.

I used the Heart Maze file by Tanya Batrak because it has an open space in the centre for a more detailed decorative element. I enlarged the space and built up the layers so that the beads could move around the maze. I also added indentations to the central picture for the beads to rest, turning the card into a little game.

These are the files I used for the Silhouette Design Store:

Heart Maze file by Tanya Batrak (#172861)

Cupcake file by PattyYoung Designs (#34751)

Yellow Daisy font by Rivka Wilkins (#106927)

Over on the blog I've included a tutorial on how to put this card together. Its not a quick make, but has a truly fun result. I speeded up the whole process by cutting the pieces from adhesive card stock.

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Anchored Shaker Elements.

I hope my friend enjoys her birthday card.


  1. This is fabulous Janet, such a clever design. I can imagine my boys would find this so much fun. Cathy x

    1. Thank you. I'm sure they would, any pic could go in the middle.

  2. Fabulous Janet - very innovative! I can see it being really popular with children's cards too! Shabneez

  3. what a great design Janet it looks fabulous
    Gr Karin

  4. Hi Janet this is a stunning card I love the design. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  5. A fabulous card Janet and a great design xx

  6. Super cute work Janet, love the maze idea!


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