24 Aug 2017

Scarecrow Basket made with the Scarecrow Topper SVG from Sanqunetti Design

Hiya, today I've created a fun scarecrow basket made with the Scarecrow Topper SVG from Sanqunetti Design.

I made my own basket by welding the hat and face together for the front and back of the basket. Then I added some rectangles for the sides and base, then tabs and slits (for a handle), and a handle piece too, of course.

To add some decoration, I made some panels for the basket sides and the handle.

Once I'd made up my scarecrow topper from textured card stock I adhered him to the basket prior to assembly. It was easy to add the decorative panels at this stage too.

Then it was simply a matter of adhering the side panels to the back of the scarecrow's head and slipping the handle into the slits on the side of the basket. I'd also add a little glue to the handles to ensure they don't move once my cute basket is filled with fall treats.

The Scarecrow Topper SVG can be purchased from Sanqunetti Design from the website or the Etsy store. This guy makes a fun basket but he'd look great on fall cards and invitations too.


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