23 Feb 2014

Crafters save a fortune at the Library!

How much could you save by using the library? My library recently handed out questionnaires about library use, and the question about how much the library saves me gave me pause to think.

In general terms the answer would be quite a bit as I'm a voracious reader of books, magazines and books on CD (while I'm driving).  But, as a crafter I save too!

Crafting Workshops
In the past year I've attended two FREE crafting workshops at the library; Altered Books and Creative Bookbinding.  How much would they have cost at my local craft store? I'm thinking at least £10 plus materials, so I'll say £30. Here are some photos of my efforts, BTW.

Craft Books
Well I've borrowed at least 3 card making books, and 4 general craft books so far this year. At an average cost of £15, that'd be a whopping £105.

Craft Magazines
My library doesn't subscribe to any printed craft magazines, but through the free e-magazine service I regularly read Papercraft Creations magazine, and occasionally Photoshop, Scrapbooking, and iPad.   In a whole year that'd be a dozen or so magazines a year, and at average cost of £5 each, coming to a whopping £60.

It total then, I reckon that the library saves me at least £195 per year just on crafting.

If you don't use your local library already, why not visit and take a look at the craft section, or even browse their website to see if they offer a free e-magazine service - you don't even need to leave the house to save!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous work, love outside and inside.
Im off to check out the local library website.

Moira xx

Janet Packer said...

Thanks Moira - hope you find some crafting 'gold'!

Emma Burns said...

I agree with you Moira about the Library. I have saved a fortune with them. They will even order in a book for you to read.

Stephanie said...


Rita Rooney said...

fantastic .crafting

Janet Packer said...

Thanks Emma. I should have mentioned that I order loads of books that come from other branches.

Cheremane said...

Fabulous creations :) xx

Kate M said...

Those projects are super - so unusual - real good value for money!! lol.
Excellent Library service you have. Mmmm must pay ours a visit.

Janet Packer said...

Thanks Kate. It's a challenge to just use what's there and not your own stash. I think I may be hooked on Bookbinding and hoping they'll be another session late in the year.

Linda Simpson said...

WOW this is fabulous, a new follower and loving your blog. Will be back.
Linda xxx

Janet Packer said...

Thanks Linda, drop by anytime!