13 Jun 2016

Make decorative panels for your 3D projects - a folk art jar

Hi! I have a blog post on the Silhouette UK Blog today - a tutorial on how to make decorative panels for your 3D projects

It also uses
Faux Leather Paper to make durable 3D items AND
Heat Transfer Material pressed onto Faux Leather Paper.

Faux leather paper makes 3D items much stronger and more durable. Items last longer and are more practical for regular use. I used Lori Whitlock's Curvy Container (Design id #123167) as it has such lovely lines.

Heat transfer material can be cut into very intricate shapes and irons beautifully onto the faux leather paper. I made decorative panels for the curve container using an existing cutout design, by using the container's panels as a template. I used this lovely folk art flower cutout design from the Silhouette Design Store by Emily Dyer (Design id #59889).

The tutorial ion the blog is a step-by-step on how to make the panels - I call the technique "Modifying a pattern to fit a shape", the shape here being the jar side panel. The technique can be used with many of the store's backgrounds, stencils, masks and cutouts. I hope you find it useful.

I love combining files together to make something unique.

Here are some of the steps to make the jar. I used a heat press, but an iron will do the job too - you just have to have a surface that you can press hard onto (your ironing board may not be up to the task)

The faux leather quite a strong material and needs a good adhesive to stick it. I like to use the Beacon Fabri-Tac. It has a quick grab and some wiggle time (not as much as 3-in-1, but it is stronger and maintains some flexibility too).

There you have it - a pretty and useful storage jar!

Do pop over to the blog and try it out!



Scrappy Scatty said...

ohhhh adore this xx

Scrappy Scatty said...

so much so I have added to my wish list xx

Janet Packer said...

Glad you like it Scrappy. X

Janet Packer said...

Can't wait to see what you make!

Jackie Trinder said...

Wow Janet your projects are stunning. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Janet Packer said...

Thank you Jackie, I think 3D items might be my favourite things to make. X