8 Mar 2016

FREE Weekly File - Daisy Brush Script Bottle Bag

The new FREE file in the Silhouette Design Store this week is The Daisy Brush Script. 

Brush typefaces are very popular at present, giving the look of hand-painted brush strokes.  The Daisy Brush Script is a great example, with nice thick upper case letters, just perfect for cutting projects AND it is available for FREE until 14th March 2016!

I made this easy Heat Transfer project using the Daisy Brush Script file and just two others from the design store. I have written a tutorial on how to put together this design for yourself and you can read the full post over on the Silhouette UK Blog

NOTE: Daisy Brush Script is a file and NOT a font. You cannot use it with the text tools, but open it in a new document then copy and paste the letters you need into your project.

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) comes in a number of finishes. In this project I used two; glitter and flock, they are all applied in a similar way. I'll cover tips and hints on applying Heat Transfer material in a later post, but meantime time this document from Silhouette America shows just how easy the Silhouette Heat Transfer Material. can be applied.

I hope you try out this project, especially if you haven't used HTV before. I should worn you though, once you start you'll be hooked!

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