29 Mar 2016

FREE Weekly File - Folk Art Basket into Pen Pot

There is a new FREE design at the Silhouette Store today. I decided to make myself a pen pot and to try out some more robust materials - sometimes card just isn't durable enough!

Now I thought it would look good with real wooden sides, and I had wood - in the form of lolly sticks (or tongue depressors, as the packet says).  Now to match the strength and durability of the wood I ditched card in favour of faux leather. I re-sized the file pieces to fit the width of the sticks and made it a little taller, but not the full height of the sticks, as that would have been too tall to see the colour of the pens I planned to store in it.

The sticks were trimmed with some heavy duty scissors.

I made up the pot sides in the faux leather (after it had been soaked and dried) and then attached the sticks with fabric glue and a selection of brads.

Then I attached the base with more fabric glue and pushed it inside the pot when dry (not how the design was intended, but I thought it would serve my purpose better that way).

Voila! A durable pen holder for my desk.

I'm sure that you can make something prettier with this file! Why not join in the challenge on the Silhouette UK Blog and prove it?


Lea Brawn said...

Love this. A fab pot x

Janet Packer said...

Useful too I hope!