22 Mar 2016

FREE Weekly File - Happy House

The FREE design at the Silhouette Store today is just ripe for vinyl and as my faithful Cameo has been working so hard over the past few weeks, I thought she deserved a little sprucing up. This file was perfect!

To fit it onto my machine I changed the house's proportions to make it a little squatter in the Silhouette Studio software. Now you might also have noticed that the wording has changed a teeny bit? To do this I just ungrouped the letters and copied C, A , E and O from the letters further down and then point edited an H to make it into an M. The new letters just needed a little re-sizing and making back into a compound path and my file was ready for cutting.

Using a weeding tool and then transfer tape made getting the decal onto my Cameo super easy. I think she's looking rather smart now, don't you?

What are you going to make with the free file? Do share your make over on the Silhouette UK Blog. I'd love to see what you do.


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