18 Aug 2016

Cameo 3 - a new arrival

Today I have welcomed a new baby into our home. I thought you might like a quick peek at some photos. She's so pretty!

The Cameo 3 is a little wider and a little deeper than the Cameo 1 (I don't have a Cameo 2 to compare it with).


This is what comes in the box, including that self adjusting blade.

I was reminded to follow the set up instructions that have been published online on the Silhouette America website to get your machine up and running. The address is on that big teal label in the first picture. You have the opportunity to register your machine and it takes you through the order in which you should do things.

Installation went smoothly, I won't bore you with details, but this is my first cut on my favourite cutting and printing cardstock (medium weight).

This was cut with that self adjusting blade. I used the recommended settings for cardstock, although I'd have set it deeper and with more pressure on my old machine. However, it cut beautifully - no complaints!  Now I need to go off and play! 

Are you planning to purchase a Cameo 3? Have you got one? What are your first impressions? Do post comments ... I'd love to hear how you get on.

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  1. Hi Janet enjoy your new toy. Take care. Hugs Jackie

    1. Thanks Jackie, I'm pretty sure I will!


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