8 Jul 2015

Origami Fish - wall decor

This week's project was building an origami fish into an underwater ocean scene for wall decor.

Making up the origami fish from the Modular Origami kit was was fun, a great project for a rainy summer afternoon.

The pre-cut paper pieces were precisely cut and each piece was folded into a module, and the fish was built up from the modules - simples!

A little 3-in-1 glue between some of the modules ensured that it didn't fall apart.

Then, a distress-inked background, and some card stock embellishments cut, layered, coloured and decorated were added to the frame,  and the project was complete!


  1. WOW this is stunning!
    Linda xxx

  2. Oh boy this is amazing. I had no idea you could make a fish like that and the scene is stunning. Hugs Jackie

  3. Oh WOW, this is amazing, would be a fabulous addition to any wall, hugs xxx


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