22 Jul 2016

Adding photos to cards

Ice-cream Van Card with Photo by Janet Packer #CraftingQuine #SanqunettiDesign #card making #photos

Hello, today I have a fun new card for you. 

Judy over at Sanqunetti Design has just released this ice-cream van svg file and, once made into a card, the windows are just perfect for a bit of personalisation.  I added a photo in the driver's window and a lift the flap window for a surprise message. It's so nice for relatives to receive a special card combined with a family photo. 

I made these changes to the file to make the card:

Flip the Design
The quickest course of action would be to make this file into a top fold card, However, I find top fold cards usually collapse when they've been on display for a few days, no matter how high the gsm of the card used. A side fold stands up so much better  (literally), so I selected all the file elements and flipped them so that it could have a fold on the left.

Extend the card size 
By increasing the size of the file pieces and by making the card base into 2 pieces, with a flap to join them, the photo is a better size for viewing and it is still possible to fit front and back onto a sheet of A4 or letter size paper. 

Add a Photo
Its easy to use the Silhouette Studio software to isolate the driver's window cut shape and to crop the photograph to the exact size and shape. Add the print and cut marks to the photo paper and the Silhouette will cut out the printed photo.

Add a Flap
Instead of just cutting a rectangular window from the pink van shape I broke the cut path in the top corners and substituted a perforated line. Now it's just perfect for a secret message or a second photo.

Here's the finished card - fun huh?

The file is available to purchase for download from Sanqunetti Design and is available at 50% off for a limited time.

Have you added photos to your cards? How did you do go about it?



Nadine Muir said...

Love this Janet, it's so cute. The palette patterns and textures are totally up my street :)

Janet Packer said...

Thanks for visiting Nadine. I'm glad you like the card - the first I've made in ages!

Jackie Trinder said...

Hi Janet this is a gorgeous card I love how you have added the photo to make it more personal. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Janet Packer said...

Thanks Jackie. You;re right, it makes a card much more personal.x

Shabneez said...

A great card Janet. I often add photos to my cards as they end up being keepsakes. Also, if for example family live afar it's nice to have an up to date photo on a card too. Shabneez

Janet Packer said...

Thanks for your comment Shacneez. I think you're right - adding a photo gives a card instant 'keep' appeal!